Fantasy Island

Jl. Sriwijaya KM13

Fantasy Island


As in most big cities in Indonesia, Palembang also has water recreation parks. The most visited by Palembang residents is Fantasy Island. Although this park is not so big it is popular and can get crowded quickly especially holiday time. Fantasy Island is located south of Palembang, on the Jl. Sriwijaya Km 13, Jaya Karya Village, Kertapati Sub-District.

Fantasy Island is like most water recreation places filled with many slides and attractions. Some of them are very popular such as the play pool, sky, tsunami-river, water boom, dragon tower, bun slide, go kart, hanging train, playing arena for children, entertainment stage, water bike etc.

The rides in Fantasy Island are not only just for adult but also for children. Evenmore, there is a special pool for children with a depth of just about 50cm, so it is safe to be used by children.

Fantasy Island

You will not have to pay for each attractions, just pay the fee once when at the gate. Here you will get a stamp on your back hand. The function of this stamp is to be a substitute for the ticket when entering an attraction.

Transport options transport

Fantasy Island is located rather far from the center of Palembang, so it will be better if you use private vehicle or rent vehicle to go there. The only public transportation that you can use is the student bus Palembang to Inderalaya Campus for just IDR 2,500.

Ticket fees ticket fee

Entrance Tariff Fantasy Island - Monday-Friday IDR 35,000.-/person - Saturday, Sunday and Holiday IDR 45,000.-/person

Eating at Fantasy Islandeating info

When you are satisfied playing in the water you don't need to go far to get some food and relax as Fantasy Island has some indoors cafeteria operated by the park itself. Various foods and drinks are available such as juice, fruits soup, meat ball, pempek, and some other specific food of Palembang. There are several restaurants around Fantasy Island too like Padang restaurant, Javanese restaurant, Sundanese restaurant, Dunkin donuts and KFC.

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