Talise Beach

Jalan Rajamoli

Talise Beach


Palu, a city located in Sulawesi Tengah Province, has lots of fascinating touristic spots. One of them is Talise beach located on Jalan Rajamoli in eastern Palu. The name was taken from the Kaili (one of the tribes in Palu) language which means almond tree,. Local people say there used to be many almond trees in this area, but they have been cut to accomodate the growth of Palu.

Talise beach is only 2 km away from downtown Palu making easy to reach and is free to enter. The view is beautiful, a result of the collaboration between bay, sea and mountains. At Talise beach you can go wind surfing, fishing, swimming, diving or just do nothing.

In the afternoon you can go up to see the sunset at Mount Gawalise not far from away. At night, many people still come here and watch the lamps on the fishermen boats gently waving in the bay.

While watching the lamps you can get some great cheap food here too, fried banana, gepe banana, sarabba and roasted corns originally from Kaili. There are some guesthouses and hotels here too if you decide to spend the night. .

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Getting here is easy at is just a few kilometers from downtown of Palu.

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