Tikus Beach

Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia

Tikus Beach

Tikus Beach is one tourism destination in Bangka Island which is as beautiful as other beaches in Bangka Island. This beach is located in Rebo village, Sungailiat sub-district, Bangka district, Bangka Belitung Province. This natural beach area is beside a hill named Rebo Hill. This beach also has soft white sand and various granite rocks.

Though the name is Tikus Beach (Tikus means rat/mouse), you won't find any rat in this beach. This beach will only offer you natural and beautiful scenery. Not only that, when the sun rises from the east is the best time to capture the moment. While in Tikus Beach, you can also come to Tanjung Pesona Beach and Teluk Uber Beach for the locations are near to Tikus Beach.

Tikus Beach

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Transport options Tikus Beach

The access heading to this beach is easy for the location is near to the main road. You can use either private or rented vehicle from Pangkal Pinang to get to Tikus Beach.

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Pangkal Pinang Travel Guide

Pangkal Pinang

Pangkalpinang City is the capital of Kepulauan Bangka Belitung Province, located on the eastern side of Bangka Island and crossed by Rangkui River. Thoung Pangkalpinang is the central government, industry and trading in Bangka Belitung, but this cityhas also many tourism spots you don't want to miss.

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Flying to Pangkal Pinang

Pangkal Pinang is served by Depati Amir Airport. Depati Amir Airport is located about 6 km southeast from Pangkal Pinang. A taxi into the city from Depati Amir Airport would cost IDR 70.000. Read more about Depati Amir Airport or look for flights to Pangkal Pinang