Teluk Uber Beach

Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia

Teluk Uber Beach


Teluk Uber Beach is one beach destination located in Bangka Island, exactly in Rambak village, Srimenanti, Sungailiat sub-district, Bangka district. This beach is located 40 km away from Pangkalpinang City. This small beach is located a with rocks on each side forming a bay. For that reason local people call the beach Pantai Teluk Uber (Uber Bay Beach).

In this light golden sandy beach, there are granite rock clusters on both left and right side making the waves when close to the shore become small and gentle there power taken by those granite rocks. The beach is very comfortable for swimming as there is a slight slope, clean clean water and gentle waves. This beach is very suitable for those who want to get away from crowded citylife for a while.

The trees growing around the beach makes the atmosphere shaded and chilled. The many fishermen out on the sea in front of the beach also makes the scenery even more interesting. In the morning and afternoon are the best time to enjoy both beautiful sunrise and sunset on the horizon from the beach. There are several hotels for you who want to stay overnight at Teluk Uber Beach..

Transport options transport

From Pangkalpinang City, you can rent a car for about IDR 350,000. You can also use public transportation covering Pangkalpinang-Sungailiat route. As you arrive in Sungailiat, you can rent motorized pedicab heading to Teluk Uber Beach for only IDR 5,000.

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