Aek Martua Waterfall

Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Aek Martua Waterfall


Rokan Hulu is an area in Riau Province which has many untouched natural tourist spots. There are several spots in this 7.449 square km district. Among all of them, there is Aek Martua Waterfall. This waterfall is the main destination here.

Aek Martua is a river in Riau Province. The name 'Aek Martua' is taken from the language of local tribe in Riau, the Batak Mandailing tribe, and it means “fortunate water”. This waterfall is special due to the fact it has three levels, each with different height and size. These different levels got this waterfall the nickname a Thousand Ladders Waterfall.

The view here is amazing and so refreshing. The clear and swift water flow, fresh air, trees and the unique colours of rocks make this area a popular destination.

Transport options transport

You can use public transport from Pekanbaru heading to Pengaraian (IDR 35,000). Get off in Simpang Tangun, then continue to Tangun using oplet for IDR 5,000. After entering you need to walk passed a hanging bridge and a path for at least 3,5 km

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Aek Martua Waterfall


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