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Pontianak is the capital of Klimantan Barat Province. Pontianak is called as Kota Khatulistiwa (City of Equator) for this city is passed through by the equator line. That's why Khatulistiwa Monument was built (in Siantan) to honor this specialty. Both Kapuas and Landak River are also described on Pontianak's symbol. This city is known as Khun Tien among all Chinese living in the city. This city offers so many tourism spots for you to visit

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Pontianak History

The name "œPontianak" is believed to have a connection to Syafir Abdurrahman's story who was always disturbed by a ghost (kuntilanak). The legend says that Syarif Abdurrahman had to fire a cannon to cast the ghost away. The bullet fell down near Kapuas and Landak River (recently known as Beting Kampung Dalam Bugis Pontianak Timur or Pontianak City). Right on the area where the bullet fell down, Syarif Abdurrahman settled his kesultanan (kingdom-like) on October 23rd 1771 known as Kesultanan Pontianak.

Things to see

There are many information about Pontianak's history you can find in Sintang Kingdom Palace built in 1839 also in Jubair, Aji Melayu and Prince Prabu Grave. Sentarum National Park Lake can be used to refresh your mind by seeing and enjoying its beauty. In Kadariah Pontianak Palace, the central governing, you can find many ancient and historical artefacts like jewelry used from generation to generation. Or you can just go to Alun Kapuas Park on Rahadi Usman Street to relax.

Things to do

For you who love nature and want to hike, you can visit Kelam Hill. There are 2 ways to get to the top, using stairs or through challenging steeply sloping mountain side. You can also visit Hutan Wisata Baning (Baning Tourism Forest), a topical forest which is the proud of Sintang district, Pontianak. Bukit Baka and Bukit Raya National Park are the other options. For you who love challenge, you can go to Melawi or Pinoh River.

Things to eat

Many typical food you can taste in this city. One of them is spicy porridge originally from Pontianak. This porridge is made of vegetable with ginger plant, chilli/kesum leaf as the spice. Es Lidah Buaya mede of aloe vera is also available here. Mie Sagu made of sagu flour and Pengkang made of pulut rice consists od shrimp and coconut and covered with banana leaf are also ready to tempt your appetite.

Getting to Pontianak

Flying to Pontianak: Pontianak is served by Supadio International Airport. Supadio International Airport is located about 17 km southeast from Pontianak. A taxi into the city from Supadio International Airport would cost 70.000. Read more about Supadio International Airport or look for flights to Pontianak

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