Liang Bua Cave

Ruteng, Indonesia


Ruteng is one of the tourist cities in East Nusa Tenggara. You can not only find beach and the mountains there, but there are also tourist caves in Ruteng. One of the caves as a mainstay of the tourism in Ruteng is Liang Bua Cave located in Rampasasa, Liang Bua village, Ruteng sub- District, Manggarai District, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Liang Bua Cave itself is an ancient cave that was formed about 190,000 years ago. From the research, the cave was formed from the river carrying rocks and penetrated the surrounding hills. Because the process was long, the rocks became sediment rocks. This limestone cave has a length of about 50 meters with a width of about 40 meters.

Liang Bua Cave is also famous for the discovery of fossils of human dwarf or hobbit called as Homo Floresiensis, which has a height of about 100 cm and weight only about 25 kg. Dwarf human fossils were found along with pygmy elephants and giant lizards like the Komodo dragon. The study was conducted in 2001 and was collaboration between the National Archeological Research Center along with the University of New England, Australia.

Liang Bua cave is decorated with beautiful stalactite hanging from the cave ceiling. Thanks to the research and discovery, the Liang Bua Cave is known not only as a tourist spot but also as a place for an international research.

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The journey from Ruteng City to the Liang Bua Cave can be done using public transport or private vehicles. Distance from Ruteng town to Rampasasa where the Liang Bua Cave are located is approximately thirteen kilometers and can be reached in about an hour.

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