Kumala Island

Samarinda, Indonesia

Kumala Island

If you are in Samarinda, do not forget to visit Tenggarong Fantasy World, an amusement park located in Kumala Island exactly at the centre of Mahakam River. On the boat-like island an amusement park of 85 hectare wide was established in 2002.

The island used to be a place for hundreds of monkey and wild reptiles. Then in 2002, the Kukar Local Government decided this island should become an amusement park, including resorts.

On the island there are about 10 rides similar to Dufan (in Jakarta). There is the 78 metres high Sky Tower (from here you can see the whole of Kumala Island and Tanggarong City), merry-go-round, jet coaster, go-kart, gondola lifts, etc. You need to pay at each ride seperatly, from IDR 1,500 to IDR 10,000. For those who don't like the amusement rides but prefer fishing, Kumala Island has a fishing area also.

A tour car goes around the island making it easy to visit all the different rides and places, it only costs IDR 4,000 per person or you can rent the whole car for IDR 20,000.

Ticket fees ticket fee

Entrance fee to this island is only IDR 2,000.

Kumala Island

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Transport options Kumala Island

From Samarinda, you can go to the port to get on a kerinting (small motor boat) heading to Kumala Island. The boatride only takes ten minutes and it costs just IDR 4,000 per person or 20,000 if you are with less than 5 people and don�t want to wait for others to arrive.

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As the capital of Kalimantan Timur Province, Samarinda is the entrance gate heading to the inland of Kalimantan Timur for this city located right near to Mahakam River. Mahakam River itself is the biggest river in Kalimantan Timur province and used as transportation medium and also as a tourism spot. Many other tourism spots are offered for you can decide it as your next destination.

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Flying to Samarinda

Samarinda is served by Temindung Airport and APT Pranoto Airport. Temindung Airport is located about 2 km north from Samarinda. A taxi into the city from Temindung Airport would cost IDR 50.000. Read more about Temindung Airport or look for flights to Samarinda APT Pranoto Airport is located about km from Samarinda. A taxi into the city from APT Pranoto Airport would cost IDR . Read more about APT Pranoto Airport.