Telaga Permai Batu Besaung

Samarinda, Indonesia

Telaga Permai Batu Besaung


Telaga Permai Batu Besaung (TPBB) is a nature tourism highlight located near Sempaja Village, Samarinda, East Kalimantan Province, about 15km from Samarinda. Set amongst lush trees are several low waterfalls all of which have ponds at the bottom. The ponds are shallow and you can swim and bath in it.

The TBPP also provides a place for camping in a forest area which is passed by a small water flow. Every camper is required to keep the area clean of course and be aware that you can not make a bonfire as this may cause a wildfire.

TPBB has adequate facilities and infrastructure. At the entrance are the main buildings of the TPBB manager and the park has paved parking facilities as well as roads from the city center towards TPBB.

Transport options transport

It's about 15 km from the Samarinda city and you can use vehicle or public transportation to go to this place.

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