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As the capital of Kalimantan Timur Province, Samarinda is the entrance gate heading to the inland of Kalimantan Timur for this city located right near to Mahakam River. Mahakam River itself is the biggest river in Kalimantan Timur province and used as transportation medium and also as a tourism spot. Many other tourism spots are offered for you can decide it as your next destination.

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Samarinda History

When Gowa War happened, Netherlands army succeeded to defeat Gowa army led by Sultan Hasanuddin causing him to sign Bongaja Agreement. But there were some people of Bugis Wajo from Gowa Kingdom who didn't honor this agreement to fight Netherlands and some other moved to stay Kutai Kingdom territory. Those Bugis Wajo people who moved away made an agreement with the king of Kutai that they would surely help the king in every way, especially in fighting enemy of Kutai Kingdom. The king himself then gave an area, located near to melantai settlement, to those Bugis Wajo people. Melantai settlement was a lowland area which was good for farming, breeding fish and trading. Then those people chose an area near to Karang Mumus estuary, but this fact did give them some difficulties to sail for the location has turning current. Then they built raft-houses on the surface which height is just the same each other showing that there are no different degree level in the location. The settlement then was named as Samarenda, which changes into Samarinda until now.

Things to see

You can go to Pampang village to be able to see a cultural village in Samarinda. In the village, you can see the custom house of Dayak tribe called lamin, tribe ceremony and also traditional dance. You can directly see the process of making Samarinda sarong trditionally woven on Bung Tomo Street, Samarinda Seberang. Don't forget to see the replica of Kalimantan forest which you can only see in Lembah Hijau Recreation Park. Apart from that, you can also go to some main destinations in Samarinda such as Kebun Raya Unmul Samarinda offering a mini zoo and Tanah Merah Waterfall offering beautiful panorama.

Things to do

In Kumala Island located at the centre of Mahakam River is a tourism spot similar to Dufan in Jakarta. In Kumala Island you can try some rides like merry-go-round, jet coaster, gokart, etc. For you who want to enjoy fresh air, you can soak yourself into Telaga Permai Batu Besaung which provides you a camping field. And the last, if you want to seek for some souvenirs, you can visit Citra Niaga which is the most famous store block in Samarinda

Things to eat

Ecery city does have some typical food. Samarinda does have typical food also such as amplang. Amplang is some kind of chips made of tapioca flour mixed with fish, eggs, and other spices making it so delicious. Try also lemok durian, a taffy made of sticky rice with durian. Keminting cooky shaped like candlenut is a typical food you can use as gifts for your family at home. This cooky is made of flour with hard texture on the outside but crispy on the inside.

Getting to Samarinda

Flying to Samarinda: Samarinda is served by Temindung Airport and APT Pranoto Airport. Temindung Airport is located about 2 km north from Samarinda. A taxi into the city from Temindung Airport would cost IDR 50.000. Read more about Temindung Airport or look for flights to SamarindaAPT Pranoto Airport is located about km from Samarinda. A taxi into the city from APT Pranoto Airport would cost IDR . Read more about APT Pranoto Airport.

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