Ujung Pandaran Beach

Sampit, Indonesia

Ujung Pandaran Beach


It’s one of favorites in Sampit. It’s located in Ujung Pandaran village, Teluk Sampit sub-district, Kota Waringin Timur district, Central Kalimantan Province. It’s 80 km away southern of Sampit. This beach is directly bordered with Java Sea.

The location which is far from city crowd can give you good relaxation. It has soft white sands. You can find big woods around carried by waves ashore.

Most of the local people are fishermen. You can see them fishing using boats. They also make salty fishes, so salty arome will be the first welcoming you here. There’s an annual rtual called Simah Laut to cast away disaster. It’s started on Syawal 10th (Islamic calendar). They start the ritual by cleaning the beach, then they float ritual offerings. It’s believed to welcome prosperity for local people.

When dusk comes, the view at Ujung Pandaran beach is so beautiful. You can enjoy the sunset while relaxing on some grottos available here.

Transport options transport

- From Sampit : It will take 3 hours using private or rented vehicle. The land route will let you to see coconut farms and underbrush along the trip. It will go through asphalt, gravels and cement roads.

- From Palangkaraya : You can use either private or rented vehicle. If you want to use public transportation, take the Palangkaraya-Sampit route from Palangkaraya bus station. As you arrive in Sampit, take a bus to get you to Sampit Bay where Ujung Pandaran beach is located

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