Kartini Beach

Semarang, Indonesia

Kartini Beach


Pantai Kartini (Kartini Beach) or Kleine Scheveningen as it is also called, is fairly flat with calm waves and white sand. It is located in Bulu Village, Jepara, Central Java Province or about 3 km west of the city of Jepara.

Local authorities improve the area too with building amusement rides and the Kura-kura Ocean Park, a huge aquarium, resembling a giant tortoise. The Aquarium was build in an elegant style, the head is a two story building used for screening while the body is the actual aquarium. It consists of different type of habitats of water animals who live in the Jepara area. Amongst others: octopus, turtoise and different kinds of fish. Here are facilities specifically for children too, like water rides.

Every year, a week after the Idul Fitri holiday, a big traditional ceremony is held here. The beach will be crowded at that time with locals and foreign tourists.

Near the beach are some simple hostels to stay the night or you can head out to the island Pulau Panjang, 15km out in the sea where you can go camping. The island is only 5 hectare but there is a path to walk around and from where you can try to spot one of the rare protected animals that live here.


Thera are many hotels, souvenir shops and restaurants in this area.

Transport options transport

Kartini Beach can reach by Semarang city. It's only 85 km (from Semarang to Jepara). You can use a car, taxi or motorcycle (it's only about two hours drive from Semarang).

Ticket fees ticket fee

The entrance to the Kartini Beach is Rp 5.000 per person. The entrance to the Kura-Kura Ocean Park is Rp 12.500 per person (Monday-Friday) and Rp 17.500 (Saturday and holiday)

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