Sibolga Travel Guide


Sibolga, an introduction


Sibolga was a small village located at Tapian Nauli Bay at first. As the time goes by, this village has been becoming a stop-by place for both merchants and citizens coming from either inside or outside of Sibolga. There are many tourism spots offered in Sibolga, like underwater of Poncan Gadang Island and natural tour on Tor Simarbarimbing Mountain

Sibolga History

England once ruled Tapanuli Tengah, but based on London Treaty on March 17th 1824, Sumatera had to be given to Netherlands and in return, Netherlands had to give Melayu Peninsula to England. At that time, England gave Netherlands Barus and Singkil, then Tapian Nauli was inserted into Sumatera Barat Residency by Netherlands. As the territory of Netherlands grew, they then issued Staatsblad deciding new territory in Tapanuli Residency in 1884 divided into 4 afdeling. One of the afdeling was Sibolga which had 4 onder afdeling. Then in 1906 there were 5 afdeling, where Sibolga afdeling was led by a Contraluer owning 13 kakurian under a head of Kuria each. Then, Barus onder afdeling, included in Tanah Batak afdeling, a part of it was inserted into Sibolga afdeling and Toba Plateau afdeling in 1933. In 1937, all area of Barus onder afdeling then were inserted into Sibolga afdeling.

Sibolga on the map

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things to see

Things to see

Ujung Sibolga Beach is one favorit place to visit in Sibolga City. At this beach, you can see white sand carpet with mild sea-breeze making the scenery is even more beautiful at sunset. For you who love mountainous atmosphere, you can go to Tor Simarbarimbing where you can be able to witness the beautiful scenery of Tapian Nauli Bay from the top of this mountain area.

things to do

Things to do

If you love diving or snorkeling, you must come to an island in Sibolga named Poncan Gadang Island. This island offers you beautiful underwater scenery you have to see. Hike on Tanggo Saratus which has 239 stair steps while having a historical tour. If you want to do fishing, the best spot in Sibolga is at Sarudik Island while seeing kinds of boats being fixed at the location.

things to eat

Things to eat

We bet that most of you have already known soup. This food can be found in almost every city or place we visit. But Sibolga has a kind of soup which is like no other. Soup of Sibolga has a bit thick broth and oily, but it’s still tasteful. Kinds of seafood are easy to be found in this city, starting from roasted fish to crabs which is one favorite dish usually sought by both domestic and foreign tourists.

Things to see and do near Sibolga

Airport at Sibolga

Sibolga is served by the Aek Godang Airport.

The Sibolga Pinangsori Airport is also known by the name of Dr. Ferdinand Lumban Tobing airport and is located in the Village Pinangsori, about 40 kilometers from Sibolga.

Entering the city from the airport

There are not any taxies here, so you only use public transportation, angkot, ojek (motorbike taxi) or becak (rickshaw). You need to negotiate the fee before stepping in.