Surabaya History

Surabaya is also called The City of Heroes for its service in gaining Indonesian Independence. In both during the Dutch and Japanese occupation, the people of Surabaya fought hard to gain independence. The finale was on November 10th, 1945 when the people of Surabaya occupied Oranye Hotel which was the symbol of colonialism at that time. To honor that day 10 November has become Heroes Day until now.

The legend says that the name "╦ťSurabaya' was taken from a myth, a fight between Sura (shark) and Baya (crocodile). On 31 May is the anniversary of Surabaya. The date was actually a the data of the victory of Raden Wijaya's army (Majapahit Kingdom) from Kubilai Khan's envoy army (Mongol) on 31 May 1293. Mongol's army is described as Sura (coming from the sea) and Raden Wijaya's army as Baya (coming from a land).

The Trowulan I Inscription from 1358 makes clear that Surabaya had existed long before the Dutch colonial time. The inscription also states that Surabaya (Churabhaya) was the vital crossing place on the edge of Brantas River.

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