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Tambolaka, an introduction


Tambolaka is the capital of Sumbawa Barat Daya district, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. Sumba Barat Daya itself has beautiful nature potential. Its natural place and calm making this place suitable for self relaxation away from the crowd of a city. Though the facilities haven’t been completed yet, this place is still worthy to be a vacation destination.

Tambolaka History

Tambolaka is the capital of Sumba Barat Daya district which was the expansion of Sumba Barat district. In old time, Paraingu or big settlement was used as traditional governmental system in Sumba. As the outer people came to Sumba, they then settled many big famili groups or clan based on the same origin and worshipped Marapu. This group was named as Kabihu. Some kabihu were related to other areas settling their own country but still ruled by the law at that time. Then Netherlands came and changed Paraingu system becoming kingdom in order to control Sumba.

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things to see

Things to see

Almost all destinations in Tambolaka are nature tourism spots. In tambolaka, there’s a beautiful beach named Nihiwatu Beach. Unfortunately, there’s a foreigner resort has been built, making you need to pay quite expensive to enjoy the atmosphere of this beach. Another beautiful beach like Nihiwatu is Watu Maladong beach where you can find many high rocks on the edge and beautiful scenery. Or you can see and enjoy white sand and blue water scenery at Waibuku Beach while enjoying horizon’s beauty when sunset comes.

things to do

Things to do

Nihiwatu Beach is suitable for surfing, though you need to pay quite expensive to do so. But you can also enjoy swimming on the fresh water of Pabeti Dikira Waterfall and Lakera Waterfall. Lake Weekuri is also beautiful with its clear like-glass water calling you to swim. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the fascinating Pasola. Pasola is javelin throwing event from two horses army usually held at all part of Sumba. It’s usually held 4 times a year at 4 different places between February to March.

things to eat

Things to eat

The typical food of Tambolaka is like those you can find in all parts of Sumba like manggulu. Manggulu is made of banana and fried peanut softened then covered with banana leaves or plastic. It looks like dodol (taffy made of sticky rice). Try also fried peanuts typically from Sumba and sweet banana chips of Sumba. For gifts, you can bring tenun ikat fabric typically from Tambolaka.

Things to see and do near Tambolaka

Airport at Tambolaka

Tambolaka is served by the Tambolaka Airport.

Tambolaka Airport (TMC) is an airport located in West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. It is based on Japan's old airport built in 1945.

Entering the city from the airport

Shared minivans are available for transport to the city for around Rp 50.000 per person.

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