Penyabong Beach

Tanjung Pandan, Indonesia

Penyabong Beach


Penyabong beach or also often called Batu Lubang beach is another nice beach to visit on Belitung island. It is a bit far away located on the southwestern tip of the island, making it more pristine and less developed.

The beach is beautiful, similar as Tanjung Tinggi beach. The beach is made of white sands and you will see lots of granite rocks and boulders spreaded on the beach, some very large. These huge granite rocks are not standalone rocks but are connected to each other under the sea. Local people say that the reason why this beach is called “Penyabong” is those huge granite rocks. “penyabong” means connecting.

The beach is sloping gently made of white sands, there is gentle wave and clear and clean water, making it perfect place to relax, hang out and swim. Though there are some small cafes of some local people, it’s highly recommended to bring at least enough water and snacks as those small cafes are not open daily.

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This beach is 56km away from Tanjungpandan and can be only be reached by renting a car or day tour you can find at some hotels or inns downtown. It will cost you about IDR 350,000.

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Penyabong Beach

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