Nyiur Melambai Beach

Tanjung Pandan, Indonesia

Nyiur Melambai Beach


This beach is a famous destination in Bangka Belitung. This beach is also known as Lalang Beach for the location is in Lalang village just south of Manggar, Bangka Belitung Province.

Many local tourists come here in the early morning to see the sunrise, even more on holidays. The beach is on the eastern side of the island making the sunrise a beautiful site especially on clear days. The beach has white sand with pine trees at the back providing some shade. You can swim safely here for the current is not strong and the seafloor is sloping gently. Several facilities are provided here like beach volley court, soccer court, and climbing wall.

There are many cultural festivals and races held at this beach, just check local news if there is one coming up.

Transport options transport

From Manggar, you can use ojeg for about IDR 10,000 per person.

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Nyiur Melambai Beach


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