Lengkuas Island

Tanjung Pandan, Indonesia

Lengkuas Island


Lengkuas Island is one main tourism spots in Bangka Belitung. The beauty of this island has been filmed in “Laskar Pelangi”. This less than a hectare island is located on the northern of Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Sijuk sub-district, Belitung district, Bangka Belitung Islands Province. At this island there are granite stones you can find.

The beach is so beautiful. The water is so clear so you can see many fishes swimming directly. That’s why snorkeling is the best way to enjoy it. This white sandy beach is growth by many trees.

The most interesting part of the island is an old lighthouse built by the Dutch in 1882. Though the lighthouse is old it still operates till this day for ships around Belitung Island. This lighthouse is 50 m high. Get to the top and you’ll enjoy better sight of Lengkuas Island. Lengkuas Island is only habited by three very friendly people who guard the lighthouse. The best time to visit is in March-November for the wave is quite calm.

There’s a public toilet for tourists. If you want to stay overnight, you need to bring your own tent for there are no hotels here. But you can find a place to stay in Tanjung Kelayang or Tanjung Tinggi Island not far from Lengkuas Island.

Transport options transport

From Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Tinggi or Tanjung Binga Island you can use a boat to get to Lengkuas Island. You need to pay around IDR 350,000 per boat. This boat can carry up to 10 passengers. The trip will take 30 minutes.

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Lengkuas Island

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