Keramat Beach

Tanjung Pandan, Indonesia

Keramat Beach


The name is Keramat Beach (keramat means sacred) but you won’t find any mystical atmosphere in this tourism destination. Keramat Beach is located in Lalang village, Manggar sub-district, Belitung Timur district, Bangka Belitung Province. This beach offers you beach panorama as beautiful as other beaches Belitung Island has.

Many beaches in Belitung Island have soft white sand, clear sea water, sloping beach contour and small wave. Keramat Beach also has the same things as other beaches have. This beach condition is still natural for it hasn’t ever been spoiled by any irresponsible person and not yet managed by local government. This beach is suitable for swimming and fishing.

This beach is named as Keramat beach for there are rocks clusters sacred by local people 10 meters away from the beachline. Local people used to hold ritual ceremony on these rocks clusters. They then named these clusters as Batu keramat (sacred rocks). The beach then was named as Keramat beach for the location is near to the sacred rocks.

You don’t need to pay to enter this beach for the beach is not yet managed by local government. But still, you can find bathroom facilities at the beach. You can also find several merchants selling foods and beverages at the beach.

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Keramat Beach is located 80 km away from the heart of Tanjungpandan City. To get to this beach, you can rent a car for about IDR 250,000 from Tanjungpandan City. If you go from Belitung Timur in Manggar, you can use ojeg service with bargaining price.

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Keramat Beach

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