Teropong Beach

Tanjung Pandan, Indonesia

Teropong Beach


Teropong Beach is a beach located in one area with Keramat Beach, in Lalang village, Manggar sub-district, Belitung Timur district, Bangka Belitung Province. This beach was named as Teropong Beach (Binoculars) for in the time of Netherlands occupancy, there was a binoculars placed by Netherlands on a hill near the beach to keep an aye upon ships carrying oil in Port Oliver.

The binoculars is gone now, but you can still find the tower where it was placed on the hill on the edge of Teropong Beach. Local people call the hill as Samak Hill. It’s caused that long time ago there were many samak plants on the hill. You can down the hill to find a 6 meters high mountain side and see a hidden water behind Samak Hill.

Teropong Beach is rarely visited by visitors but still this beach has beautiful scenery especially when the sun rises. The scenery of Samak Hill with leafy trees, clear blue sea water and white sand will definitely feast your eyes when the sun rises. It’s believed that this sunrise scenery at Teropong Beach is the most beautiful view in Manggar City.

From Samak Hill you can see the ruins of Port Oliver, Nyiur Melambai Beach and Keramat Beach while enjoying the scenery of teropong Beach. You can find gazeboes where you can relax a bit while enjoying the scenery of Teropong Beach. You can also find merchants selling foods and drinks at the location.

Transport options transport

From Tanjungpandan City, you can rent a car heading to Teropong Beach. The renting price for a car is starting at IDR 250,000 per day. Or you can use a bus from Tanjungpandan Bus Station covering manggar route. From Manggar City you can use ojeg to get to Teropong Beach with bargaining price.

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