Tolire Lake

Ternate, Indonesia

Tolire Lake


Tolire is a name of a two beautiful lakes in Ternate. Tolire lake is located on the foot of Mount Gamalama, the highest volcano in north Maluku. It consists of two lakes, the larger Tolire Besar and the smaller Tolire Kecil lake with a distance between them of around 200 metres. The shape of Tolire lake is like a big cup and has a depth of around 50 m but the local people believe that the depth is way more than that. Tolire lake have direct connection to the sea.

The scenery at Tolire lake is beautiful with clean water and green trees and the mountain range of Gunung Gamalam in the back. You can't fish there because local people believe that Tolire lake is occupied by invisible crocodile.

Something weird at Tolire lake is that if we throw something into the lake, it will not touch the bottom. You can try it if you don't believe this fact. If you want try, you can buy stone around the lake for Rp. 1000,-/five stones. Up to now, no one has been successful.

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Tolire lake is around 10 km from ternate city and easy go to there since it only takes 10 minutes from the center of Ternate city. You can use rental car with cost approximately Rp.250.000,-/day or rent motor cycle with cost approximately Rp. 10.000,-/hour.

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