Londa Lima Beach

Waingapu, Indonesia

Londa Lima Beach


Londa Lima Beach is a recreation site in northern Sumba. It is located in Kutta village, 9 km northwest of Waingapu town. The name 'Londa Lima' in Sumba language means holding arms. The place was starting to be used as a tourist attraction in 2001 at the initiative of the village head.

Londa Lima Beach has become a favourite in holiday season for its white sand, calm sea and shady big trees. The color of its water is pretty unique for its contour is sloping then dip down between Sumba and Flores. Besides, there are also unique trees growing in this area. The tree is without leafs but only has red bright flowers.

You can swim here, do sun bathing, and fishing. On certain days, Londa Lima Beach is used to hold Hamayang, a Marapu traditional ceremony.

Transport options transport

You can get to this beach by private vehicle or public transportation. It takes only 20 minutes as Londa Lima beach is not so far from downtown Waingapu.

Ticket fees ticket fee

At the entrance to the beach you need to pay IDR 2,500 per person.

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