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Waingapu, an introduction


Waingapu is the capital of Sumba Timur district, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. Waingapu itself is the biggest city in Sumba Island. You can easily morning hectic here in Waingapu. The elderly of Waingapu are still doing the tradition of “nginang” (having betle vine in their mouth). This fact makes there are many merchants selling areca nut, betel vine and mangrove still available. There’s also a typical pedicab (a bit different with javanese pedicab) you can find in Waingapu. Waingapu offers also several tourism spots you can come to.

Waingapu History

Sumba Island is divided into 2 districts, Sumba Barat district capitaled in Waikabubak and Sumba Tiur district capitaled in Waingapu. Waingapu used to be one important city in Sumba Island before it was attacked and bombed by Japanese army. Majapahit Kingdom once ruled in Sumba before it was controlled by some European country like Netherlands in 1756. Netherlands once signed an agreement with the ruler of Sumba in the late of the 19th century, but then Netherlands influenced Sumba Island by settling military power and granting a local person to be its representative. Netherlands did so for there were some quarrels between some groups disturbing trading.

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things to see

Things to see

You can some to Kampung Raja Prailiu (Raja Prailiu settlement) and Kampung Kelu. You can see the process of coloring and weaving fabric traditionally. Not far from this settlement, there’s Puncak Padadita (Top Padadita) where you can see beautiful scenery. If you come to Kampung Lambanapu (Lambanapu settlement), you can see batu kubur tua (old grave stone), custom house and traditional dance. In Laiwangi-Wanggameti National Park, you will be able to see various flora and fauna.

things to do

Things to do

You can swim and have a good recreation time at Londalima and Purukambera Beach. If you want to surf, the best places are Mengkudu Island, Kalala and Tarimbang Beach. Want to do snorkeling and swimming? Just come to Patawang and Walakiri Beach for the waves are quite calm. You can also spend your day at Matawai Tourism Park. Don’t forget to take som pictures of beautiful Laputi and Hiru Maru Waterfall.

things to eat

Things to eat

One typical food of Waingapu is Manggulu. This food is made of banana mixed with peanut and looks like dodol (taffy made of sticky rice). Meanwhile, in some places there are many typical nasi kuning (yellow rice mixed with turmeric) offered. There’s also gula lempeng (plate-shaped sugar) looks like brown suar made of nira (sap obtained by tapping inflorescences of various palms) of siwalan tree and believed to cure maag (stomach sickness).

Things to see and do near Waingapu

Airport at Waingapu

Waingapu is served by the Mau Hau Airport.

Waingapu's Mau Hau airport is located 6km south of the city of Waingapu on the island of Sumba. Waingapu is a small town of only 10.000 people and the airport is small too, don’t expect VIP lounges here.----

Entering the city from the airport

A taxi into town would cost around Rp. 40,000 but often there is no need for a taxi as many hotels offer free airport pick-up service.

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