Siung Beach

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Siung Beach


Located in a remote area in Gunung Kidul, more precisely next to the district Tepus. Siung Beach is about 98 miles or a 2 hour drive from the city of Yogyakarta.

The roads to the Siung Beach are very difficult and tiring but when arriving at this beach and looking at the blue water and white sand you know it was worth it. There are a couple of wooden houses on the beach, where you can hang out and rest while overlooking the beach.

In addition to blue water and white sand, Siung Beach has another attraction, namely huge coral reefs on the west and east side of the beach. Around 1989, the coral cliffs on the Siung Beach get a new function when there is a group of nature lovers from Japan using the coral cliffs of Siung for rock climbing. Later in nineties the competition of Asian Climbing Gathering was held here.

Now as many as 250 climbing routes with varying grade and characteristics are available near Siung Beach and do even more climbing routes can be discovered. Besides the climbing routes, there are also facilities for supporting rock climbing: a camping ground to set up tents and to light a campfire, with the basic rule not to disturb the turtle habitat or cause any environmental damage.

Not far from the camping ground area is a wooden house on stilts used as a base camp, the house is quite large and can offer accommodation for 10 to 15 people. At nightfall when quiet, long-tailed monkeys will come down from the cliff.

Transport options transport

Getting to Siung Beach is easiest by using a private vehicle since it is difficulty finding public transport like bus or a colt to take you here. Your vehicle must be in good condition though since the road to the Siung Beach is surrounded by limestone hills and has many sharp turns. The general condition of the road is quite good though but you should drive carefully.

Easiest way to Siung Beach is from Yogyakarta heading towards Wonosari, continue to Tepus, then head for Purwodadi and then to Siung. Another route goes from Yogyakarta to Imogiri and then to Gunung Kidul, but this road will be more difficult because of the many potholes.

Ticket fees ticket fee

Admission fee is Rp 5000, which includes parking of your motorbike or care.

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