Ijo Temple

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Ijo Temple


Ijo Temple is, compared to the other temples in the Yogyakarta region, located at the highest altitude on a 410 meters high hill. The temple stands in Bukit Ijo, Sambirejo, Prambanan District, Yogyakarata. Candi Ijo is free to enter, simply fill in the guest book.

Ijo Temple was built in the 9th century on a hill which makes the surroundings of the temple very attractive too: the steep slope of the hill is covered with rice terraces (sawahs).

The complex consists of 17 buildings that are divided on 11 terraces, but only the buildings on the top terrace have been fully restored.

Buildings on the 11th terrace consist of a fence, eight phallus symbols, one main temple and three ancillary temples. You will encounter various forms of Hindu carvings on these temples, for example the double headed motives above the entrances of the temples. These motives can also be found on Buddhist temples since both religions were practiced at the same time in Indonesia. There are statues depicting women and men. The figures have several meanings, they can be a way to keep out evil spirits or be a symbol of unity of Siva and the Goddess Uma, symbolizing the beginning of the universe. The three ancillary temples are dedicated to the Hindu Trimurti, namely: Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

On the ninth terrace were two rocks found with inscriptions. The biggest one, about a meter tall has the the writing 'Guywan' which means 'Meditation', this stone is held in Jakarta National Museum. Another inscription is made in a smaller stone of 14 cm high and 9 cm wide, containing curse spells.

From temple Ijo you will have a stunning view of the surroundings, the city and when facing west and looking down you can see the planes take off and land at Yogyakarta's Adisutjipto airport.

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From Yogyakarta the temple is located 28 km east of the city. By bus, get on the Trans-Jogja bus heading for Prambanan Temple (1 A and 1 B).

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