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Zamboanga was former capital of the Province of Moro or now known with the name of Mindanao in Philippines. Because of the Spanish culture influence, this city earned the nickname as the Asia's Latin City. In addition to as the third oldest in city Philippines, this town is also functioned as important commercial and industrial center in Mindanao. There are a lot of leading tourist objects offered in this town which is certainly you could visit with families or companions for mere removing tired, relaxing until having fun.

Zamboanga History

This city was built at the end of the 12th century or around the beginning of the 13th with its local communities known with name of Subanen, native tribe which originating from Malay. In 1521 Spain came for the first time in the territory the Philippines. And in 1569, Zamboanga became a settlement for the Spain explorers and made Zamboanga as one of main fort in Mindanao. In 1634 this town officially became main headquarters of Spain and mastering this region until the 18th century before finally this town was handed over to the United States in 1890s. This city has now been evolved, the society, commercial center up to its industrial.

Things to see

The Royal Fort Lady Virgin or which better known with the name Fort Pilar is one tourist object in this town. This building is a military defense fortress which was built on the 17th century by Spanish government. Now this building has been become the Philippines National Museum. One you should not miss in here is Dia de Zamboanga Festival held on every February 26th annually. This festival was held for commemorating the day when the town becoming Zamboanga. There is also Hermosa Festival held during a month October. Scenery nature in this town is also interesting for you to enjoy.

Things to do

You must visit the Santa Cruz Island when visiting this town. This place is located approximately four kilometers to the south from the city cent center city. The unique thing of this place is sand its shores which colored pink and the only one in Philippines. Pasonanca Park is a park which has campsites and located in downtown of Zamboanga. For those of you who love golf, you can be also spare time a moment to visit Zamboanga Golf & Country Club. Do not forget to enjoy for a moment the atmosphere of Merloquet Falls located in Sitio Merloquet, Barangay Sibulao, Zamboanga where there is a waterfall and you could freely swim in here.

Things to eat

Food in this city is very diverse from seafood which is quite popular among the public until typical food with a touch of Spain. One of them is Curacha, one foods which its main ingredient is sea crab who has been spiced with typical spices of Philippines. There is also Satti, a food similar with satay from Indonesian. This food is usually served in a large bowl poured with spicy sauce and presented with typical ketupat (rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves) of Philippines which is called with name of Puso. Hmm, you must try it.

Getting to Zamboanga

Flying to Zamboanga : Zamboanga is served by Zamboanga International Airport. Zamboanga International Airport is located about 2 km northwest from Zamboanga . A taxi into the city from Zamboanga International Airport would cost PHP 200. Read more about Zamboanga International Airport or look for flights to Zamboanga


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