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Train Tickets KA: Taksaka Malam

  • Jakarta (GMR)
  • Yogyakarta (YK)

Taksaka Malam is an executive-class trains serving Tugu Station Yogyakarta – Gambir Jakarta and vice versa at night. The name Taksaka is taken from the name of a kind and caring dragon in shadow-puppet story. Originally, Taksaka was operated for the first time on September 19th ,1999. Then, on October 17th, 2001 Taksaka II train was launched. Since then there are two travel options from Yogyakarta - Jakarta using Taksaka train that can be selected, during the day or at night departure.

Taksaka Malam departs from Tugu Station Yogyakarta at 07:45 pm and arrives in Jakarta at 03:52 am. While from Gambir Station Jakarta, the train departs at 09:00 pm and arrives in Yogyakarta at 4:22 am. There are some stations stopped by this train such as Purwokerto Station, Prupuk, Ketanggungan Barat, Cirebon and Jatinegara.

Like Taksaka Pagi train, facilities on this train are not much different. This train consists of eight executive class carriages with a capacity of 52 passenger seats per carriage. Each train carriage is also equipped with two sets of Air Conditioning (AC). The interior design is also quite comfortable with some audio and video facilities and other supports.

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